DhakaDecember 7, 2023 12:49 pm
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Annual General Meeting of Uddipan held

Desk Report
May 25, 2023 8:46 pm
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Since the independence of Bangladesh, various non-governmental organizations have been working for socio-economic development along with the government. Especially the role of these organizations in rural socio-economic development is not less. After the completion of 50 years of independence, there has been a great change in the socio-economic sector of the country. Presently Bangladesh as a middle income country, Uddipan started ‘Microcredit Program’ in 1991 with a total of 4 branch offices including 54 manpower with head office in Dhaka. At present, 945 branch offices including the head office of Uddipan are managing the ‘Microcredit Programme’ with 5678 manpower. 3337 unions in 477 upazilas of 64 districts across Bangladesh are working directly with 1208893 people in 24,344 villages to stimulate socio-economic development through ‘small credit programme’.

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