DhakaDecember 7, 2023 1:27 pm
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Kazi Khairul Basar is seeking nomination for Dhaka-18 seat

Desk Report
November 9, 2023 12:03 pm
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The 12th National Assembly election has become a political arena. Aspirants of the ruling Awami League have come to the field to declare their candidacy. They are spending busy time in social activities with full presence in party activities. Some candidates have also started mass communication in their own areas.

Election activities have also started in Dhaka-18 seat ahead of this election. Candidates of Jatiya Party, BNP and Awami League have already started party formation and electoral discussions. However, no potential candidate of BNP has yet entered the field. In the meantime, potential candidates of Awami League and their followers have entered the election field. Almost every day, starting from yard meetings, the candidates are holding exchange meetings. Their followers, on the other hand, have become involved in the campaign.

Many leaders of the party have started to get nomination of Awami League in Dhaka-18 seat. The list of candidates for nomination in Dhaka-18 Constituency includes – Awami League’s Habib Hasan (present MP), Engineer Kazi Khairul Basar, Siddiqur Rahman, SM Tofazzal Hossain, Khosru Chowdhury, Haji Ishaq Mia and Afchar Uddin Khan; BNP’s SM Jahangir, M Kofiluddin Ahmed, Mostafizur Rahman Segun and Bahauddin Sadi; Jatiya Party’s Sherifa Quader (Reserved Seat MP) and JSD’s Shahid Uddin Mahmud Swapan.

Candidate Kazi Khairul Basar said, Awami League is the people’s party. Keeping the people in mind, I have been working in this area for a long time following the instructions of party’s President and General Secretary. I have always been by the side of the people of the area in happiness and sorrow, danger and adversity.

In Dhaka-18 Constituency, Engineer Kazi Khairul Basar is at the top of the discussion in the place of trust among activists. Activists in the area said that engineer Kazi Khairul Basar will be the foremost in getting boat tickets in the 11th parliamentary elections, his role in controlling local politics and being a member of an influential family.

For the past 42 years, Basar has been working for the common people along with the Awami League leaders and workers of Uttara area. Especially during the corona epidemic, he helped the area as much as possible. He said, Awami League’s various developmental causes are smelling of peace at the grassroots, which is the great success of my party. Hopefully, the party high command will take this into consideration while making nominations. If the party nominates, there is full preparation to fight in the electoral field. If I get the party nomination, I want to be elected as a party and I am in the field with the leaders and activists.

Regarding Awami politics, Engineer Basar said, I have been involved in Awami League politics for 42 years. Politics started in Khulna city by my father’s hand. I have demonstrated my ability in student politics many times. I am still working under the guidance of my beloved leader, keeping Bangabandhu’s message in my heart. I was accused in several cases while in the Awami League opposition party.

While giving his political identity, Engineer Basar said that in 1984, he was elected as a member of the school committee of the Khulna Mahanagar Chhatra League. In 1988, I was elected as a member of BL College Chhatra League. In 1991-1992 was elected General Secretary of Titumir Hall Chhatra League. In 1994, I was elected as an executive member of the central branch of Bangladesh Chhatra League. In 1992-1996, I was elected the organizing secretary of BUET Chhatra League. In 1994-1996, I was expelled from the university for taking a stand against the caretaker government and Yuksu elections. In 2003, I was elected the organizing secretary of the Bangabandhu Engineering Council. In 2023, I am currently working as a member of Bangladesh Awami League’s science and technology sub-committee. Also Life Fellow (F/7788) Engineers Institution, Bangladesh. Honorary Secretary IEB Dhaka Centre. President Bangladesh Engineers Club Ltd. I am working as Vice President of Bangladesh Engineering Institute.

He expressed his hope to work equally for the team in the future. If the party nominates him in Dhaka-18 constituency and if the election is fair, he will be able to give victory. He said, I am already in the election field. We are working among the people with party leaders and activists at the ward level.

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