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The success story of Aryan Munna

Sazedur Abedin Santo
November 16, 2022 6:32 pm
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Aryan Munna Certificate Name Oliul Islam Munna. Although his village home is Jhalkathi in Barisal, he grew up in Mohammadpur in Dhaka. Father Md. Kamal Hossain is a businessman. Mother Nasima Akhter, housewife. Munna is the eldest among the two brothers and sisters.

He passed from Feroza Basha Ideal School and College with Golden A+ in Secondary and Higher Secondary. Currently he is studying for graduation in mathematics department at Dhaka College.

Aryan Munna has already received a lot of response by creating content on Facebook, along with his studies, he earns 1 lakh taka per month by creating video content.

On December 19, 2018, Munna uploaded the first video on the Facebook page with a mobile phone. Then for 6 consecutive months, short videos are made at home with mobile phones. He used to act alone in the videos. But when he didn’t get any success in mobile, he started working in short film style with camera.

Munna said, ‘I was very stubborn since childhood. So I did what I wanted when I wanted. When the ghost of creating a network for Facebook entered my head, I stubbornly bought a camera and a computer in one day to make videos. But my mother gave me some money to buy other things including camera and I borrowed the rest from friends.

Earlier, Munna used to take a coaching class and get tutoring. This is how Munna from a middle class family is paying for her own education. But he dropped them later due to the addiction of creating Facebook content. Immediately after starting, Munna’s earning system was absolutely 0. And that’s why at that moment borrowing so much money to buy a camera and computer was a big risk for him. Even if there is no way to repay the loan at that moment, he takes the risk.

When Munna bought a camera and a computer with so much risk, the global pandemic started. Munna stayed under house arrest for several days. But I don’t like sitting like this. On the one hand, there is no income. On the other hand, the thought of debt.

However, one day Munna suddenly sneaked out of the house in the midst of the Corona lockdown, avoiding the eyes of the police and took the first short on the road next to the house. This was Munna’s first video with a camera.

After making the first video, Munna had to stay at home for a few months. Then towards the end of 2020, when the effect of Corona came under a little rule, his journey began. The first video Munna uploaded went viral within 2 months. About 1 million views of that video.

After that, Munna made some more video content with friends, almost all of which averaged more than 1 million views. As a result, Munnar’s page gets monetized within a few days and starts earning money. Munna started getting money from Facebook about 3 months after starting work. But it takes about 6 months for him to withdraw the money.

Munna’s future ambition is to become a good actor. Delivering better social messages to the younger generation through its platform.

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