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Mystic musical journey of Habib Mostafa

RJ Tanjid
May 21, 2023 7:20 pm
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In 2003, Habib Mostafa made his debut as a lyricist in the music industry by writing all the songs in the single album titled ‘Koshto Hoyni Temon’ sung by pop genre artist Shamim. Since then, he has been writing songs for many famous artistes of the country, composing tunes, and singing as well. In various mediums, about two hundred songs are published with his lyrics, tunes and voice.

Habib Mostafa completed his master’s degree in Islamic Education and Philosophy. He writes columns on social disharmony, degradation of values, music criticism, interviews cultural personalities in various national dailies, weeklies, fortnightly and online portals.

The main subject of Habib Mostafa’s songwriting, research and original writing is mysticism. Habib Mostafa’s first book ‘Nonditojoner Nindit Mrittu’, written on the life and work philosophy of great men, received a good response from the readers. He published another popular research book named ‘Premer Kobi Nazrul’.

Poetry book ‘Karo Katha Rakhini’, short stories book ‘Ayananama’ and his own proverbial words ‘Sufir Pralap’ are waiting for publishing.

Some famous and popular songs composed by Habib Mostafa are ‘Aguner Juta’ by Rathindranath Roy, ‘Manush’ by Fakir Alamgir, ‘Deewana Mastana’ by Saira Raza, ‘Rupnagar’ by Shafi Mandal, ‘Bidhi’ by Pulak, ‘Joibon Gelo’ by Oishi, ‘Mukhosh Manush’ by Amirul Momenin Manik, Rinku’s voice ‘Zikir’, Ashiq’s ‘Vromor Amar Khabar Loiya Jao’, Gamcha Palash’s ‘Ripur Fande’, Kamruzzaman Rabbi’s ‘Daga’, Raju Mandal’s ‘Bandegi’, ‘Khushir Chand’ by Abid Azam, Paran’s ‘Pothashishu’ are noteworthy.

In his professional life, he has a continuous career of 18 years in the ‘Human Resources and Public Relations’ sector. Currently, he is working as a ‘manager’ of human resource department in a pharmaceutical company. Habib Mostafa, a multifaceted personality, was born on April 8, 1983, in a saintly family of Comilla district.

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