DhakaDecember 7, 2023 12:54 pm
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The 2nd edition of Mohammad Angkan’s “Dustudero Budhi Ashe” has been published

RJ Tanjid
September 12, 2022 9:03 pm
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In the first week of September, young writer Mohammad Angkan’s new book ‘Dustudero Budhi Ashe’ has been published. Although the book is new, it is said to be the second edition. The children’s storybook was previously released by Sylhet’s Papri Prakash in 2019. This time it sold out from the publishing house. Designer Anisur Rahman has done the cover and decoration of the 48-pages book. The price of the book is only BDT 150 Taka.

Mohammad Angkan said, ‘When the book was published in 2019, the book was sold well in the book fairs of Dhaka, Chittagong and Sylhet. The book was on the best seller list of Papri Prakash. The printed copy of the book stock out within that year. Then it came to my mind to bring out the second edition of the book. I say edition rather than re-printing because the book was released in paperback in first time, which contained only four stories. Now the hardcover book contains seven stories. Hopefully, my readers will be very happy to get the book in a new form.

The book is available at Lekhochitro Publications online & they offered 25% discount and only 50 Taka delivery charge in any quantity of books. Publishers Md. Mehdi Hasan Munshi endured that this book is available on various online bookshops including rokomari.com, eboibitan.com, nobobela bookshop.

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